HughesNet is America’s #1 Choice for Satellite Internet

HughesNet is ranked as the #1 choice satellite Internet service provider in the nation. For rural customers, satellite Internet is the best way to get connected. It’s faster than dial-up and available in more places than DSL. Moreover, with dial-up, your service is tied to your landline; satellite Internet is not.

Satellite Internet uses a series of high-end dishes to bring Internet to your home. But don’t worry – your dish is small and unobtrusive. With the most advanced satellite Internet technology on the market, HughesNet can provide rural Internet service better than any other provider.

When you sign up for satellite Internet, we’ll send a certified HughesNet technician to your home to install your equipment. From the actual dish and modem to cables and connections, we’ll give you everything you need for a high-speed connection.

Call us today to get started with HughesNet in your home. With satellite Internet, you can forget about the annoyances of dial-up. Instead, you’ll finally get the high-quality Internet service you’ve always wanted.

Benefits of HughesNet

Signing up for HughesNet has many benefits:

  • It’s available anywhere in the lower 48 states1. All you need is a clear view of the southern sky.
  • It won’t clog your phone lines like dial-up.
  • No phone line or dial-up modem needed!
  • No more missed calls, busy signals, or waiting for family members to finish what they’re doing!
  • It’s compatible with Windows and Macintosh operating systems.
  • You have the choice of leasing your equipment or buying it.
  • You’ll get professional installation within a few days of your order.
  • Our technology gives you a secure connection.
  • HughesNet operates several Network Operations Centers (NOCs) which are equipped to monitor the network’s performance at all times.
  • Excellent customer service, whether you’re a new customer or an existing customer.

HughesNet Plans a fit for casual surfers and heavy downloaders alike

Whether you’re in a bachelor pad or multi-generational family home, there’s a HughesNet Gen 4 plan to fit where – and how – you live.

Hughes understands how diverse our Internet needs are – and that access has to come on a budget. Call today, and speak with a Web-savvy representative who is ready to help match you with the perfect plan.

HughesNet Satellite Internet is only a phone call away

A faster connection with HughesNet satellite Internet is only a phone call away. By calling today, you’re eligible for great deals in your area. Whether you’re starting out in a new home or upgrading from dial-up or DSL, HughesNet satellite Internet will change your life!

With HughesNet satellite Internet, you’ll get a faster connection, which gives you:

  • Better capability to download and upload files like songs, pictures, software updates, and email attachments.
  • A better Web browsing experience with less load time and stalling.


You don’t have to settle for slow Internet speeds with dial-up. With HughesNet satellite Internet, you get the connection speed you need even if you live in a rural area! Don’t wait another minute to pick up the phone and call a representative at the toll-free number above!